EP 015 - Sophia Roe / by Netic Rebel


 Netic on Sophia: "Few people I have met have the clarity and self determination of Sophia Roe. When I speak of living in "unapologetic self truth" and "radical honesty" Sophia is a great example of such. I celebrate our relationship with an understanding that Sophia has a vision for Sophia that is not to be comprehended by anyone who hasn't yet come to realize that "people are their own creations". She doesn't need your approval or mine, She has her own council of her mind which is far more diligent and critically analyzing than anyone from the outside world could ever be. She isn't just on target, Sophia is the steady in the arrows flight, she is the perfectly drawn bow crafted by the hands who shot it and the open eye that aims. That isn't what makes Sophia unique because we all are that perfect, what makes Sophia unique is her ability to remind herself that she is all of that." 

Zady Lady on Sophia: https://zady-com0.a.ssl.fastly.net/features/zady-lady-meet-chef-and-wellness-expert-sophia-roe

Vogue on Sophia: http://www.vogue.com/13447589/curly-hair-tips-best-shampoo-treatments-sophia-roe/